Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Torres Strait media coverage

The Torres Strait - and particularly the issue of health risks arising from PNG overstayers - has hit the headlines in the last couple of days here and here. This follows earlier stories (here and here).

Thanks to Brad who pointed out that the Torres Shire Council is currently holding consultations on whether the region should become a territory in its own right.

With all this bubbling away in the background - and as submissions to the Senate Inquiry keep rolling in - it will be interesting to see how things play out.

It's quite clear to me that despite the diverse range of issues the Torres Strait faces, the problem of PNG overstayers will now frame the whole Inquiry and its recommendations. That's the way our political system seems to work.


brad mccoy said...

wow i've really made it! i've been mentioned on a reputable website! i wonder if they'll make a wikipedia entry for me next?

i hear that they're thinking of a new policy in WA, similar to that which allows free travel between the straits and PNG. apprently people from WA and sri lanka will be allowed to travel freely betwixt, but only by canor.

brad mccoy said...

i mean "canoe".